Vroom Around the Room Kitty Laser Toy

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No kitty can resist the wildly wondrous powers of our Vroom Around the Room Kitty Laser. Designed to drive even the most mellow meowers into a downright undignified state of frolicsome frenzy, one glimpse of that darn laser beam, and all kitty-cool is lost.

So jump back, Jack (and grab a snack)! Time to enjoy the show! Caution: May attract swarms of high-flying kitties! How's it work? Just hold the button down, point the laser and your kitty will follow!

Careful not to shine it near the eyes! Run outta juice? It's easy! Just replace the batteries and keep on Vroomin'!

Imported. Kitty shaped laser cat toy is only 3.25" long. Uses 2 LR44 button cell batteries. (included with toy)

Item No. FC-610147

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