Natural Bamboo Cat Breakaway Collar w/ Bell

Love simplicity? Try Wagging Green's simply natural bamboo fiber cat collection. This collection features our natural, undyed bamboo webbing made into cat collars. It's the softest collar you will ever find anywhere, and best of all it's completely hypoallergenic for those super sensitive pets!

And don't forget, with a patent pending on our bamboo webbing, you won't find it anywhere else!

Wagging Green cat collars are made with 100% organic bamboo fabric. The collars are soft on kitty's neck for comfort, but made to be durable and long lasting. Hardware features a plastic molded Breakaway buckle, stainless steel metal slider, and a jingle bell on a split ring, for easy removal if desired.


1/2" wide, fits 6" - 12" neck

Item No. WGNCC