Dog Smog Remedy 7.6oz

Whether it’s coming from your hound or your husband, nothing clears the room faster than those inappropriate gaseous emissions (IGE). Now happytails has help (at least for one of those offenders).

Dog Smog Remedy gives you the power to quell the smell from both ends of your dog. The all natural formula contains peppermint and fennel to slay the fire breathing beast but it’s more than just a breath freshener, Dog Smog Remedy gets to the guts of the problem with digestive enzymes papain and bromelain. All of these ingredients help calm the bubbling brute below and provide a long-term solution to an embarrassing problem.

Whether you use a quick spritz to freshen breath or add a drop or two to your dog's food or water Dog Smog Remedy is a powerful weapon in the war on pollution.

(Yes it may also be used on husbands...but no sorry, it doesn't
come in gallons)

Product uses:
To Ease Bad Breath and enhance the bonding experience- Your best friend’s breath smells like the road kill he rolls in! Dog Smog Remedy to the rescue! 3 to 6 squirts (depending on the size of your dog) will solve the problem and help you to get closer without having to hold your breath.

Flatulence- if Fido got your bean burrito it’s time for a Dog Smog Remedy chaser. It will help alleviate gas, abdominal pain and polluted air.

Maintenance. Keep your best friend gas free, use Dog Smog Remedy morning and night OR spray into your dog’s water bowl to provide long term relief from those inappropriate gaseous emissions.Side effects; Well you won't be able to blame it on the dog any more!

Contains no SLS or Parabens...and of course, is cruelty free


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