Ear Clear 1oz

Helps to reduce pain and discomfort from swelling due to infections.
A few drops of this antibacterial/antimicrobial formula will break down wax buildup that can be a breeding ground for ear infections. Ear Clear contains arnica and chaparral oils to decrease the pain and discomfort caused by swelling. It also contains organic comfrey and calendula to help soothe, heal and protect. Add a touch of essential oil of lavender to remove unpleasant odors and you have a complete solution for ear health.

With the easy to use, no mess applicator apply Ear Clear in your dog’s ear canal, the extra lubrication in the ear will not only break down wax build-up but will help expel any objects lodged in the ear, like fox tails or grass awns. Statistics show that ear infections are the number one reason why dog owners visit the vet. The best way to prevent a dogs ear infection is to start a regular home cleaning regimen. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and by paying attention to your dog's ear before there are problems you can save your best friend the misery of infected ears and yourself the misery of high vet bills.

Ear Clear:
*Contains no pharmaceuticals or chemicals
*For smelly, itchy, infected ears
*Quickly and easily clears away dirt & debris
*Are all natural
*Cleans, refreshes & restores

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Item No. HTEC

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