Everlasting Treats - Chicken

The Everlasting Treats are bursting with flavor; these long lasting edible dental chews will entertain your dog for hours alone or when used with the Everlasting Treat Ball.

  • Irresistible taste.
  • Completely edible and digestible.
  • Made from all food based ingredients.
  • No plastics or polymers.
  • Low in sodium, sugar and fat.
  • No artificial colors.
  • Treats won’t crumble or break apart, they wear down like natural bones.
  • The unique shape and raised ridges scrub your dog’s teeth while he chews.
  • Use as a treat alone or with StarMark interactive toys.
  • Everlasting Treat Ball sold separately.

Small – 1 3/4” diameter -  $2.95
Medium – 2 1/2” diameter -  $3.95
Large – 3” diameter -  $5.99


Item No. EVTRT

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