Everlasting Treat Ball

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Fill up the Everlasting Treat Ball to stimulate and challenge your dog for hours. Stands up to the toughest chewers, made of soft, puncture resistant materials that allow the ball to stretch and be pulled without tearing.

  • Made of soft, puncture resistant materials.
  • Stands up to the toughest chewers.
  • Unique shape allows it to wobble and roll erratically.
  • Hours of interactive fun.
  • Interactive toys can help solve, and even prevent, common behavior problems.
  • Fill the ball with your dogs favorite treats for a challenge.
  • Increase the challenge by filling the ball and then inserting one of the Everlasting Treats.
  • For the biggest challenge, fill the ball with treats then insert both Everlasting Treats so your dog has to chew through the caps to get to the treats inside.
  • Each ball comes with one chicken flavored Everlasting Treat.
  • Ball without treats is dishwasher safe.

Small – 2 1/2” diameter -  $10.95
Medium – 3 3/4” diameter -  $17.95
Large – 5” diameter -  $22.95


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