The Start of Bingo's Boutique

After almost 20 years of buying in the garment industry, I decided to make a change.  I decided to take my buying experience and combine it with my love of animals to start my own business!  But then I had to go to work full time to support the business financially and consequently had no time left for the business.  So 5-1/2 years later, with the love and support of family and friends, I'm back at Bingo's Boutique full time.  Please take a moment to meet my babies who have inspired me and Bingo's Boutique!



Bingo came to live with us about 12 years ago.  She is half Dachshund and half Chihuahua.  We were told she was an outside dog and that she never ate "people" food.    Well - she hates to be outside unless we are with her.  In fact, if it's raining she turns around and comes back in.  And if food has the word "DOG" in its name, she won't eat it!  We think that we were given the wrong dog but we wouldn't change a thing.  We love our crazy little dog!  She is not just a pet, she's our baby!  When you see " Bingo's Bark Award " on an item you know that it was especially tested and approved by Bingo!





Sammy has been with me for about 18 years.  He's a long and lean cat.  He may look peaceful in this picture but he is incredibly energetic and gets into everything.  No place is off limits.  He amazes us by getting in the highest nooks and crannies in the house.   And then shocks us again how he gets down.  I haven't slept on my pillow in years; that's where Sammy sleeps every night .  When you see "Sammy's Sniff Test Award " on an item you know that it was especially tested and approved by Sammy!




Gidget came to us in November of 2004.  A friend found her running around a school parking lot.  We think she was about 9 mos. old when she came to live with us.  She is blind in one eye but that doesn't seem to slow her down at all.  She so kindly brings us presents like lizards and muddy rawhide bones that she buried in the yard.  She's full of energy and chases the cats all over the house.  No place is off limits.  If she can reach it, she jumps on it.  She has a funny prance in her step.  She's very ladylike - except when she's eating.  She eats anything that she can get her paws on.  I've never seen a dog eat that much.  We now call her Pudgie and she is on a diet.  So when you see "Gidget's Gourmet Award" on an item you know that it was especially tested and approved by Gidget!






Lucky came to us in February of 2008 at 9 weeks old.  He's actually a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund just like Bingo and Gidget.  But he was bred that way.  He's called a Chiweenie.  Someone we know, sort of, bought him from a breeder.  After they brought him home they found out that one of their kids was allergic to him so they had to find him a new home.  Of course I took one look at him and I fell in love.  He is a mama's boy for sure.  He doesn't leave my side for a minute.  And he's a big baby.  He shivers when it thunders and hates the vacuum cleaner!  What's a dog without baggage - right!  He's an ear-piercing howler!  He has a favorite toy which is actually a cat toy.  He hides it all over the house because he's afraid that someone will take it.  Then sometimes he forgets where he put it.  I bought him another one just like it in case he lost it but, of course, he doesn't like it.






My poor Minge died in October 2005.  We took Minge in after she was abandoned by a neighbor in 2001.  It's something that I'll never understand.  This cat was so sweet.  She was very vocal and let us know exactly what she wanted  She spent most of her time in the position that you see in this picture just waiting for you to pet her or rub her tummy.  We're very lucky that she came into our lives.








Sadly Monkey died in October 2004.  Monkey was my first born.  His original name was Rover.  (What can I say - it seemed cute at the time.)  But he had markings that look like dirt on his face so I started calling him Monkey Face.  Then it became just Monkey.  He was cuddly and comforting and purred louder than any cat I've ever met.  Monkey was with me through many changes in my life and I don't know what I would have done without him!  I loved him very much and miss him everyday.   He was my first love.